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The Importance of a Medical Aid Scheme

Still wondering whether you should opt for a reliable medical aid scheme?  In this time of confusion think about the health of you and your family.  You save yourself from huge medical Medical Aid quotebills and the stress of how you are going to pay for it.  There are many people that do not know how expensive medical fees are.  It may take you years to recover from such an expense.  This is why it is important for one to have a medical aid plan; you avoid the high costs of private treatment.  With an aid you are fully covered in time for unexpected situations, such as unexpected illness.

Not to worry, if it is your first time you consider to purchase a medical aid plan, there are up to 160 medical aid schemes in South Africa.  Finding the right one for you would not be a problem.

Important factors to take in consideration before deciding on a medical cover

Firstly, you should look at a medical aid cover that suits your pocket best.  Then decide on all the medical services you want covered in your medical aid scheme such as doctor and medicine fees, hospital and surgery fees, etc.  Some covers include pregnancy and physical disabilities bills.  You should also decide who you want to cover in your plan, this include all health statuses.  When one person has heredity or chronic health problems, one should look at a higher coverage plan.

Comparing Quotes

When you want to purchase a medical cover, you should compare the different types of medical aid companies.  Each company has its own coverage plans that one should look at.  A medical cover gives you unlimited access to your doctor; this comes handy when one needs to see a doctor regularly.  However, this depends on the medical coverage plan you choose.

By choosing the best medical plan you should look at your financial budget.  This will give you an idea of the plan you can afford.  Thus, comparing medical aid quotes makes it easier for you to decide on one.  You will also be notified of what is included and excluded in your cover.

It is also better to choose a year plan that a monthly plan.  In the long run the yearly plan is cheaper than the monthly plan.  The other thing to think about with a monthly plan is, is that you have to pay the premium on time.  By missing one or more payments the scheme would be stopped and you would not be covered.  You should also be aware of the premiums and your way of payment, because the regulations should be followed by the customer and the server.

By comparing medical aid quotes, you will find a variety of medical plans to choose from.  One which will suit you and your pocket best!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Aids

The wide variety and completion between different medical aid companies; make it easier for you to choose the most reliable and affordable medical aid scheme that suits you best.  This also makes it easier for a person to get online medical aid quotes.  It saves you the time of doing research of every medical aid company personally.  Once you have all the different quotes you may compare them and choose the ones you like best.  Information about the different companies are immediately available online, this makes it easier for a person to have a medical cover.  This will also lead you to the lowest premiums for the medical coverage you need.  With a medical cover you will get the treatment you need.

A disadvantage is that the maturity date of the cover may take a long time, for instance over a year.  It will make it hard for you to get treatment, and this will force you to dig into your pocket.  This is because it takes time to reach compensation.

Well-Known Schemes in South Africa

  • Resolution Health Insurance
  • Spectramed Insurance Plan
  • Discovery Health Insurance Plan
  • Fed Health Insurance Plan
  • Medshield Health Insurance Plan
  • Momentum Healthcare Plan



Why you should compare quotes

There are sometimes variations in rates and promotions at the different medical aid companies.  Just fill in the all details at the top of this page and an agent will get back to you, with all information and quotes.  These quotes may include discount promotions etc, so  get covered as soon as possible!